Markt 19
09111 Chemnitz / Germany

Tel.: +49 371 6665840
Fax: +49 371 66658422

Tax ID no.: DE259458947
Tax no.: 215/105/07212
HRB: 23529 / Amtsgericht Chemnitz
CEO: Dr. Thomas Krause


ALPHA sends E-mail messages only from the following domain:

All other mails must be considered as forgery, for example by typo squatting or spoofing.
ALPHA considers the use of these protocols in email communications to be strategic and recommends that all companies in its supply chain adopt them.

To ensure the security of its data, ALPHA uses various techniques of critical infrastructure protection based on the latest technology.  In any case, you should critically question any unknown mail and reject emails that do not pass your critical review. If you would like to report cases, please write to