Sustainable Values


Engagement and collaboration with our partners, whether our customer or supplier, play a key role in creating value for both our company and our partners themselves. We continually invest in the process of engaging our international partners to build successful relationships, define priorities, set goals, and engage in proactive and ongoing dialogue with all the people and entities we impact.

Our objective is to understand the expectations within our business strategy and contribute to the creation of sustainable value in the countries where we operate, while meeting the new challenges, for example decarbonization or raising social standards.

As we operate in more than forty countries with different social, economic, and cultural contexts, we place great emphasis on setting our priorities and ensuring clear and transparent coordination and implementation of our actions and results.


ALPHA believes in sharing sustainable values along its supply chain. In over 25 years of operation, the company has created a strong and reliable supplier system based on mutual trust and ethical behavior.


The constant factors at the core of our business are people. People we promote as the cornerstone of any genuine development, with whom we want to tackle trust and growth together, build reliability and thus be an honest advocate for people. With the soft skills combined with our highly specialized engineering competencies, we create real value for your project.


Our policy to combat climate change, protect the environment and raise social standards are important aspects of our sustainable growth. In the industries in which we operate, there are potentially negative impacts on the environment and the social frame. It is clear to us that a conscious respect for nature, the protection of biodiversity and people in their social environment are the most important building blocks for a successful sustainable project.