Bringing future forward
since 1998

ALPHA is a leading engineering services provider helping our clients since 1998 to meet the project and assets needs. We ensure with our know – how and consultancy expertise to reach technical compliance of your machines and plants, to plan, design, execute and operate your assets and to secure cybersecurity and sustainability. In a range of markets, ALPHA team works in the complete lifecycle of assets and ensures with its experience technical compliance, success in your project and benefits driven by safety, efficiency and sustainability following our slogan “Think Quality”.

Started as an innovative service provider for technology and know-how transfer for biotechnological processes between UK and Germany, ALPHA has gradually developed into a global service provider for the process industry, engineering, and operation of plants.

Since 2020 we operate in 3 independent business units under the
umbrella of the ALPHA brand:

With ALPHA, success and compliance is always assured.

Providing pragmatic, professional expertise is our objective. Accurate adherence to cost and schedule is always achieved in any project. ´We have helped to advance hundreds of projects across the world, from the jungle of Indonesia to the European Union, the Arctic Region, from the deserts of the Gulf States to the Eurasian Economic Union, the harsh steppes of Central Asia over North Africa to the megacities in Asia.